Commercial property Inspections

Commercial property Inspections

Why Inspect?
Commercial Building Inspections just make good sense. Engaging the services of an independent inspector provides you with peace of mind when purchasing such a largest investment. However, few of us have the technical knowhow to spot potential problems in something as complex as a commercial building. A Commercial Property Inspection Report will ensure that the property you are purchasing will have no hidden structural defects or maintenance items that can be costly if not exposed prior to settlement. Aztech building inspectors are registered builders with years of experience in conducting building inspections in Perth.

The Pre-Purchase Structural Inspection Report
You will receive a detailed and comprehensive document completed in accordance with the Australian Standards which dissects the house into all the various building components – describing the condition of each area and whether it requires attention. Our reports also contain photos to help you understand the areas that require attention

Most Important
If you have a particular concern or query please mention it when booking your inspection. We will then instruct our inspectors to specifically address this issue in their report.

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